cord cutting facilitation los angeles_1Cord-Cutting Facilitation

The most important thing to remember about ‘cutting a cord’, is that you aren’t ending a relationship – per se. While you can certainly have that intention, to end a relationship, the main purpose of cord cutting is to terminate an unhealthy or no-longer-serving energetic exchange. That being said, I help guide you to identify, examine, and cut your own cord! I will also have you do a follow-up to make sure the cord doesn’t reattach itself. To ensure this I send healing energy to the person on the other side of the cord. Ultimately, cord cutting will help you move forward with confidence and clarity since it releases the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Fear is the opposite of love, and all attachments are created from fear.

If you feel called to work with Rachel, she provides healings in person in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas as well as does distant healings around the world.

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