The best referrals usually comes from the people who have already experienced what you are going through now. That’s why I’m sharing these real-life testimonials from people who have experienced the compassion and healing techniques that I can provide.

Magick and love knows no boundaries and i’m glad I broke my first distant-reiki-healing-cherry with Rachel because there was no doubt that I received healing. I am a stubborn cookie laden with shame and Rachel was able to help me with her gentle yet powerful healing. The effects were long lasting and I’m planning on my next session. Much love to Rachel and all her crew and clients! Thank you our dear Rachel for your love and healing!


Rachel’s clairvoyant abilities are beyond amazing. The information she delivers is highly accurate, and she conveys it with such love that she really makes you feel like she’s known you forever. The fact that Rachel is a powerhouse of a healer make her readings even more incredible. She is truly gifted, and one of the few healers I seek out when I need energy work and guidance. A session with her is incredibly powerful, and can help transform your life!


Rachel is so incredibly talented at Reiki! Immediately after my session I felt relieved of all stress and felt completely at peace. She is truly professional and an expert at healing.


I never really believed in the art of Reiki until Rachel introduced me to it. In 1 short session, I was relieved of the pain to my lower back, and I also became a believer. Rachel is one of the most intuitive people that I know, and one of the best people I have ever met!


One of the funnest, most accurate readings I have received so far. A delight!


All my life I had seen images in my head of being a slave and brutally tortured. Without me ever telling her about these images, Rachel tapped into them and identified them as past life experiences. Now I know how draw energy and self empowerment from what I used to think were self destructive images.

Joey Filkins